ALA-A, 2004, week 6

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The definition of the derivative. To understand the different "rules of differentiation", for example for the power functions x^r, sums and products, and for composite and inverse functions. Further, to understand Newtons method, both for a scalar equation and systems of equations.

AMBS chap 23, 24 and 25.

23.1, 23.2, 23.6, 23.7
24.1, 24.2, 24.4 hint: use the fact that 2^(x+h)-2^x=2^x(2^h-1) (why?), 24.5.


Understanding that computer arithmetic is not exact, and how this relates for example to computations of derivatives.
To learn how to use matlab to handle linear systems of equations.

25.3, 25.4, 25.5.

Activity plan:

L=Lecture, S=Studio, G=Group work

Lecturer: Nils Svanstedt

L1: Chapter 23.

S1: Gaussian Elimination

G1: Computing derivatives. Derivatives of products, composite functions etc. Partial derivatives. Some exercises on differentiation.

L2: Chapter 24.

S2: Linearization, Newtons Method

L3: Chapter 25.

S3: Continue with A9. Linearization, Newtons Method

G2: Newtons method and L'Hopitals rules.

Matlab consultation: Thursday 17-19, room KD1, tutor: David Heintz.