Partial Differential Equations- Scientific Computing TM/ENM, TMA482, Winter quarter 2007.

Lectures and examination:
Nils Svanstedt
tel: 772 5346
Lectures: Monday 10-12 in MV-F32 and Thursday 10-12 in in MV-F32.

Computer Sessions (starting Monday Jan 29):
Sessions/Lectures: Monday 13-15 in MV-F24.

Computational Differential Equations (CDE), Studentlitteratur/Cambridge, 1996.
Software (for ODE project):
Computer Sessions (session E8)
Start doing this session as a preparation for your ODE project.
Software (for PDE project):
An article on:
Adaptive methods for parabolic problems
A small note on:
adaptive algorithms
A small note on:
adaptivity for ode's
A small note on:
piecewise linear approximation in 1d,


  1. A posteriori error analysis for ordinary differential equations.
  2. Stability estimates
  3. Duality and adjoint operators.
  4. A priori error analysis for partial differential equations
  5. A posteriori error analysis for partial differential equations
  6. Adaptive finite element methods
  7. Stabilization methods like streamline-diffusion.
  8. FEM for various types of problems like wave propagation, incompressible Navier-Stoke equations,
    elliptic eigenvalue problems, convection-diffusion-reaction problems, Schrödinger equations.
Written examination on theory and completed ODE project (see below).

ODE-Project Adaptive ode-solver

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