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I believe I am quite sportive: I used to play ice hockey (and even was the Moscow Region champion at 13), basketball, football, table tennis. I play volleyball for Grċċ club, go hiking, diving and mountain skiing when I have occasions.

I am a keen photographer constantly learning and trying new things. Here are my best photos so far: But it looks like my strongest point so far is reportage: I like to capture the moments of an ordinary life around us which so often pass by unnoticed. Judge by yourself and do not be shy to like, if you really do!

  • Chalmers Nollen 2018
  • Chalmers Nollen 2017
  • Nollen 2017 sack-running training
  • March for Science 2017
  • Gothenburg
  • Tjörn

    Another passion is music. I play guitar, piano and I am fond of Russian folk songs, romances and some modern bard music. I also like soft rock - I think I am still able to sing and play all early albums of The Beatles. Here are my recordings on
    Soundcloud. Do not be shy to 'Like', if you like!

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