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Sergei Zuyev 

Don't be surprised by different spellings of my name ( 3yeb in Cyrillic). Zouev is what I had in my international passport, Zuyev is the way I started to sign my papers (long before I have got my first international passport) and Zuev is how some interpreters spelt my name having translated my first articles from Russian. Note also that the closest French pronunciation gives spelling Zouyeff that is already 7 letters long and I am sure it is not yet a limit!

To add more confusion, Russian authorities recently changed the names transcription system from French to English manner. So in my new passport I have become Sergey Zuev . And they do not care that suddenly I ceased to own my bank account, credit cards and even my home! Fortunately people are still recognising me...

So if you come across a paper written by a certain Serg*   Z*ev,
     I have to say it,
     I have to say it,
     It was probably me.
                  Sting  "Ten Summoner's Tales"
(If you just knew how annoying is all that!)