Matematik och Datavetenskap

Gothenburg University
                  TMR Workshop on

New Applications of Kinetic Theory

18 - 21 June 2000


Granular media and biological modelling are two new interesting applications of kinetic theory. This meeting will bring together specialists in these fields with mathematicians specialised in kinetic theory.

The meeting will take place at
    Mathematics Centre
    Chalmers University of Technology
    Gothenburg, Sweden.

One day of the meeting will be devoted to granular media, and one to biological applications. The remaining time is open for the more traditional topics of the TMR-network Asymptotic Methods in Kinetic Theory .

Scientific Committee:

A Arnold, C Bardos, N Ben Abdallah, A Majorana, H Neunzert, M Pulvirenti, J Soler, B Wennberg

Organising Committee: The Kinetic Theory Group, Gothenburg.

Conference Secretary: M Börgesson.

The meeting will be divided in plenary lectures from invited speakers, and contributed talks. Discussion is in progress with several experts in each of the meeting topics.
There is a list of participants .

Invited speakers (confirmed as of Dec 1999):

  • Isaac Goldhirsch
  • Bob Eisenberg
  • Karl Sigmund

Titles and abstracts, and details of the programme:

There is a list of titles and abstracts available.

The conference programme

Some practical information

An electronic Proceedings

I will try to make an electronical "proceedings" for the meeting. With this I mean that in connection with the list of titles and abstracts, I will also make links to papers (preprints) that may be available. Hence I would like to ask any one of the speakes who wants to be in this abstract, to either send a postscript file of the paper, or a web adress to some other preprint archive where the paper may be found. Please note that this is not a real book of proceedings: no paper version will be printed, and there will be no kind of referee procedure. It is only to make the subjects of the meeting easily available. I would like to ask you to send the postscript file or html-address to
The papers so far submitted are available at the "list of titles page"

Registration fee:

The conference fee is SEK 860 (approx. EUR 100) for persons that make their registration no later
than 31 March. For late registrations, the fee is SEK 1000 (approx EUR 120). The fee is to be payed at arrival, and should be payed in cash; no credit cards or checks are accepted.
N.B. If your university has a VAT-registration number, please remember to bring it along.

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