Analysis & Linear algebra K+Kf+Bt, part a, fall 2003,

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TMV035, 5.0 points - course info

All info and material (except literature) for the course can be found from this web page with links.

Lectures and examination:
Nils Svanstedt
tel: 772 5346
Matematiskt Centrum, Eklandagatan 86.

Studio K:
1. Nils Svanstedt
tel: 772 5346
Matematiskt Centrum, Eklandagatan 86.

2. Jan Södesten
tel: 772 1015
Matematiskt Centrum, room 2252, Eklandagatan 86.

Studio Bt/Kf:
1.Axel Målqvist
tel: 772 5400
Matematiskt Centrum, Eklandagatan 86.

Studio Bt/Kf:
2.Georgios Foufas
tel: 772 5328
Matematiskt Centrum, Eklandagatan 86.

Group mentors:
KfXX: Axel Målqvist
BtXX: Georgios Foufas
KXX: Karin Kraft, tel. 772 53 ??,
KXX: Erik Svensson, tel 7725322,
BtXX: Erik Broman, tel 7725323,
KXX: Johan Jansson, tel 7721095,
BtXX: Leonid Gershuni, tel. 7725327,
KXX: Maria Dafgard,
KXX: August Johansson,

When to be where!

Applied Mathematics: Body & Soul (AMB&S) by Eriksson/Estep/Johnson, distributed in class.
Användarhandledning till Matlab 6 (AhM6) by Pärt-Enander/Sjöberg, Uppsala University 1998, sold at Cremona.
Lectures part 1 (eq solving) postscript  pdf
Some extras
Lectures part 2 (lin alg intro) postscript  pdf
Special lecture (partInBox & Lambert-B) postscript  pdf
Lectures part 3 (linearization & derivative) postscript  pdf
Lectures part 4 (more on linear algebra) postscript  pdf

Software: MATLAB by MathWorks. Available on (most) Chalmers computer systems. Private licence can be bought at Cremona (500:- ?).
Mathematics Laboratory (ML), demos & virtual math laboratorys covering most of the AMB&S program, matlab code examples and shells.

Project f(x)=0
Project groups of 3-4 work on mathematical modeling, typically resulting in (analytically unsolvable) equations, implement solvers for such (general algebraic) equations, apply these to the derived model equations, and present their work in oral and written form.

Grades 5 (good), 4 (fair), 3 (acceptable), U (failed), based on written exam and project work.
exam 99 exam 00 exam 01 exam 01x
and for solutions
answers to exam 99 answers to exam 00 answers to exam 01 answers to exam 01x
A "student made" exam with answers

exam 02
answers to exam 02

Brief plan:

v 1
F1: Equation solving, existence, uniqueness, inverse, examples
S1: Matlab functions, code documentation
F2: Bisection, sequence, convergence, real numbers (AMB&S ch 14, 13, 12)
S2: Linear and polynomial functions. Possibly work on Intro projects.
G2: Work on Intro projects.
v 2
F1: The intermediate value theorem (ch 15, 16)
S1: Bisection lab, bisection implementation
G1: Presentation of Intro projects.
F2: Fixed point iteration, convergence by Lipschitz continuity (ch 13, 12)
S2: Bisection cont./decasection?
F3: Converged x solution? (ch 15, 16, 17)
S3: Fixed point iteration lab/implementation
G2: Problems related to equation solving.

Answers to AMB&S problemsA Math dictionaryMath notation (T. Gebäck)


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