Course board meeting

The course board meeting will take place on October 12, at 3:15 P.M. in MV:L21 in the mathe building.


I am not allowed to register anyone. But I do keep a private list of participants to track assignments and to report results.

For this, I need name, person number, and school.

Send mail to me with subject “[HPCRegistration]” and NAME, PERSON NUMBER, SCHOOL separated by linebreaks.


You can apply and register using the Student Portal, before the deadline has passed. After then, please contact your Student Center.

University of Gothenburg

Register via the Student Portal. Apply trough, which you can reach through the Student Portal.

PhD students

PhD students will be registered by the math department after I reported their results to the PhD-Ladok system. Your adviser will have to decide on how many credit points counts for you.


Jeanette Montell (study administrator)

Phone 772 53 88
Room L2066

Damiano Ognissanti (study advisor)

Phone 772 35 05
Room L2065

Student representatives

Student representatives for the course TMA881 High performance computing are

Program Name Email
MPAPP Simon Nilsson
MPSOF Patrik Olsson
MPENM Dmitrii Sergejev
MPENM Oliver Sundell
MPCAS Joakim Thorén


After passing all assignments you receive a passing grad (i.e. 3 or G). If you would like to get a higher grade, you have to pass an oral exam. You are guaranteed a grad of 3 or G, regardless of how you perform during the exam.

The oral exam will take place on Wednesday, Mai 31, 2017 and on Thursday, June 1, 2017. About two weeks before the exam, I will assign time slots to all students interested in taking the exam. I will consult with all interested student on their availability.

After deciding on the grade, I will inform you by mail.

Note that PhD students usually do not need any examination, since their grading scheme covers one passed grad. Inform yourself on whether this is the case for your PhD program.

Examination content

Each exam takes 15 minutes. These slots are sharp: The next slot may immediately follow. We will discuss at least two topics that I determine randomly prior to the exam. At least one of the topics will require you to write code (on paper) and explain it.


You can reach me at My office is L2130, Tvärgata 3 in Johanneberg. Chalmers offers you a map.