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MVE136 Random Signals Analysis, Fall 2011

Historic exams for the old MVE135 course

MVE136 exams can include tasks that relate to Chapter 9 in the book as well as to the lecture notes, which MVE135 exams did not. Otherwise historic MVE135 exams are representative also for the new MVE136 course in terms of their subject matter.

Note that the only permitted aid on the old MVE135 exams was Beta while on the new MVE136 exams the permitted aids are either two A4-sheets (4 pages) of hand-written notes (xerox-copies and/or computer print-outs are not allowed) or Beta (but not both these aids).

October 2010 pdf-file, ps-file.

January 2011 pdf-file, ps-file.

August 2011 pdf-file, ps-file.

Historic exams for the new MVE136 course

October 2011 pdf-file, ps-file.

January 2012 pdf-file, ps-file>.

August 2012 pdf-file, ps-file.