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TMS101 part B: The Basics of Mathematical Statistics

Lecture notes


The exercise sessions consist of two parts: going through home assignments and solving problems together.
In the exercise session each student marks which problems of the home assignment he/she has solved and then
the students are randomly chosen to present the solutions on the black board.

Bonus points

The solved problems give bonus points to the final exam
                      at least 50 % gives 1 point
                      at least 80 % gives 2 points
The bonus points work only for the first scheduled exam.

Grading system

  1. An obligatory group (up to 3 students in a group) assignment (click here) is to be handed in by October 20 to Ilona Pylvänäinen.
  2. The final exam is closed books, however, up to four A4 pages of one's own handwritten notes are allowed to be used on the exam. Final exam consists of 5-6 questions giving max 30 points in total. To pass the exam you have to collect at least 12 points (including eventual bonus points)
                          grade "3" points: between 12 and 16
                          grade "4" points: between 17 and 21
                          grade "5" points: between 22 and 30