Prof. Sergei Zuyev
(Zuev, Zouev, etc.)

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  • Mathematical Sciences
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  • sergei [dot] zuyev [at] chalmers [dot] se

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    Welcome to my home page!

    My main areas of research include stochastic geometry, point processes,  stochastic optimisation,  modelling and critical behaviour of large systems, i.e. what is called applied probability. Some recent advances I contributed to in these areas were presented as a course Measures Everywhere at the 25th Finnish Summer Probability School in June 2003. Follow Download link for the slides.

    And here you will find a video of my talk which I gave on the 9th of April 2010 at Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK, on advanced Stability notion in Probability.

    For the last decade I have been involved in modelling telecommunications systems - the background you see is what we consider to be a stochastic model for a network's topology. Click here  if you want to know more.

    If you are a student at Chalmers, you might be interested in the courses I give - see Teaching section. You can find me in MV:L-3031 office to speak to me personally.

    And many thanks to my son Denis for the design of this web-page!