Matematiska vetenskaper, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola och Göteborgs Universitet

Analysis and Linear Algebra K, Kf, Bt, part A, 2005, 5.0 credit points

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Lectures and examination:
Stig Larsson
tel: 772 3543
stig (at)
Matematiskt Centrum, Eklandagatan 86.

Teachers and schedule

K. Eriksson, D. Estep, and C. Johnson, Applied Mathematics - Body and Soul, Springer, 2003, (AMBS) (Cremona, 800 kr for 3 volumes).
Matematik med Matlab - en handledning.
Introduktion till Matlab (föreläsning av J. Södersten).
D. C. Lay, Linear Algebra and Its Applications, Addison Wesley, 2003 (Cremona, not needed until period 2).
L. Råde and B. Westergren, BETA - Mathematics Handbook, Studentlitteratur (Cremona, strongly recommended handbook).
E. Pärt-Enander och A. Sjöberg, "Användarhandledning till Matlab 7", Uppsala Universitet, 2005 (soon available at Cremona, not obligatory, recommended to those who think that they need a Matlab handbook, the online documentation is sufficient for most students).
Computer sessions.
David's solutions - week 1.
David's solutions - week 2.
David's solutions - week 3.
David's solutions - week 4.
David's solutions - week 5.
David's solutions - week 6.
David's solutions - week 7.
lecture 1.1.
lecture 3.2.
Overview of the course.

MATLAB is available on the computers at Chalmers. The free software GNU Octave is a good substitute for Matlab. It can be found on the Chalmers start-CD or down-loaded from the web, see installation instructions here. It is strongly recommended that you install this on your pc (if you have one)!
Another alternative is the program COMSOL Script, which is similar to Matlab. We will soon (week 4??) be able to distribute CDs with a student license. This program is free to use for students at Chalmers according to our license.

Note: Matlab test in week 6. Exercise test.
Written exams: 2005-10-19 fm V, 2006-01-12 em V, 2006-08-28 fm V.

Latest exams:
2006-08-28, rättningsprotokoll, 2006-01-12, 2005-10-19
Övningstentamen 2005. 2004-10-20 (postscript)

Old exams:
exam 99, exam 00, exam 01, exam 01x.
answers to exam 99, answers to exam 00, answers to exam 01, answers to exam 01x.
A "student made" exam with answers.
exam 02, answers to exam 02. exam 03, answers to exam 03.

Answers to AMBS problems  (postscript). 
Schema. Matematikkurser K-Kf-Bt. Kemikursen.
A reformed mathematics education at Chalmers, uppsats presenterad vid Högskoleverkets kvalitetskonferens, 2001.
Integration av matematik, kemi, kemiteknik
Integration av matematik, kemi, kemiteknik Matematisk ordlista (ps).   Mathematical notation (ps)