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Projects are done in groups of 2 students (or possibly 3 students if you can provide a motivation). You may also choose to work on your own.

Each group shall hand in a written project plan and make two progress reports to one of the teachers during the course. Each group shall hand in a written report and present their work in the form of a short seminar at the end of the course.

A list of suggestions for projects is availabe as a pdf or a ps file.

Project plan

Use the template plan.tex for your project plan.

Progress Report

The groups should do two progress reports during the course. These are short meetings with the teacher where you show what work the group has done on the project.


Here is a template report.tex for your project report. There is no page limitation for the report, but probably 5-10 pages (not including appendices) will be enough. Note that you also need the two eps files to compile the template document.


All groups should prepare a 10-15 min presentation, at which you present your results and methods for an audience consisting of your fellow students (and possibly other interested persons). For your presentations, you can use the template presentation.tex. Note that you will also need the file called Makefile.

Additional material