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Professor of Mathematics                                                                                                                 

Research: My research is primarily about functions of several complex variables and complex geometry .

Teaching: The fall semester I have been teaching a course in basic complex variables at Chalmers, MVE025/MVE295

Lecture notes: I have written two lecture notes about the $\bar\partial$-equation, $L^2$-methods for the $\bar\partial$-equation    
and An Introduction to things $\bar\partial$. (The latter has been published in IAS/Park City Math Ser 17, Amer Math Soc, Providence R I , 2010.)

In the spring 2015 I am giving a minicourse on 'Convex and complex geometry'. The notes can be found  here; hopefully they will be continuously updated. The notes are in a preliminary form, correctness in details is far from guaranteed, and credit to the original discoverers is mostly missing so far. 

A brief CV and a quasicomplete list of publications

My publications since 2005 can be found on ArXiv

Office: H5021, fourth floor of the math building.

Mailing address:
Dept of Math
S-412 96 Göteborg

Phone: 031-772 3539

Email: bob(at)

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