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Peter Jagers


Mathematical Statistics

Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg
SE-412 96 Gothenburg
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Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the Royal Gothenburg Society of Arts and Sciences, Fellow of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Member of the International Statistical Institute, Member of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Dr. h.c. of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

President of the Royal Gothenburg Society of Arts and Sciences 2012.

First Vice President of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences 2007 - 2010.

President of Bernoulli Society 2005 - 2007.

President of the Chalmers Faculty Senate 1993-2002, Member of the Scientific Council of Statistics Sweden 1980 - 2005, Chair Swedish National Centre for Mathematics Education (NCM) 2001-2008.

Coordinating Editor of the Advances in Applied Probability and Journal of Applied Probability, Member of the Editorial Board of the Springer Series in Probability and its Applications, Associate Editor of Serdica, and Biology Direct, Editor-in-Chief of Stochastic Processes and their Applications 1989-1993, Past Editor of Mathematical Population Studies,

Chair Folkuniversitetet/Kursverksamheten vid Göteborgs Universitet 1998 - 2013, Past Chairman of the Fraunhofer-Chalmers Research Centre for Industrial Mathematics, Past Member of the Advisory Board of MATRIX, Australia.

Research interests

Stochastic processes - in particular branching processes and population dynamics -, probability theory, and statistics. Probability in biology, models for evolution.

Selected publications


Some papers during three decades: