ECMI-loggo Chalmers+GU-logovit           ECMI 98
Second Announcement
School of
Mathematical and
Computing Sciences
Chalmers University of Technology and
Göteborg University, Göteborg, Sweden

June 22 - 27, 1998
Second announcement
May 1998

In co-operation with the
Mittag-Leffler Institute
(the Royal Swedish
Academy of Sciences)
and the Swedish Institute
of Applied mathematics

ECMI 98 will provide a forum for the presentation of work on the application of mathematics to industrial problems.
Such work is carried out by University mathematicians studying industry-
related problems, by those based in industry who use mathematics in problem solving, and by collaboration between those in universities and industry.
At the conference, academics and industrialists can meet and discuss
current problems of mutual interest. The conference also will give advanced students a first-hand impression of the challenges and opportunities for mathematicians in European industry.
In turn, industrialists can meet talented students educated in practical applications of mathematics in a European spirit.
    The Board of ECMI  R. Mattheij (Eindhoven)