Latest news
091012: It is time to hand in the fourth and fifth reports.
091002: Please fill in a course evaluation at the end of the course. You can send it by email or leave it in the box outside my office. The evaluation can be found here: tex-file, pdf-file
091002: It is time to start handing in the third report.
090924: Note, all laborations are mandatory. It is not enough to get a total score of 45 pts or more to pass the course. All reports need to be handed in and approved.
090924: It is time to start handing in the second report.
090917: It is time to start handing in the first report! Remember, there is no actual deadline. However, it is strongly recommended to hand in the report about 2 weeks after the lecture on this laboration.
090907: Important information on registration: CTH-students register in the student portal or at their student center. GU-students contact me if not registered.
090903: Data files for all the laborations are now available.
090831: Course programme available to download below.
090824: Course homepage updated!
090824: Admission and Registration. Students that have not been admitted to the course or registered for it are very welcome anyway! Advice on how to register will be offered by Sofia at the lectures.
090810: Course starts on Tuesday September 1st at 8.00-9.45 in lecture hall Euler. If you have any questions regarding the course please contact Sofia.
090809: Course homepage is currently under construction. Check homepage of course given in 08/09 since the current course will be essentially the same.
Examiner and lecturer
Teacher: Sofia Tapani. Examiner: Patrik Albin
Contact information Sofia Tapani
Telephone: 031 772 5336
Room: L3101
Adress: Matematisk Statistik, CTH & GU, 412 96 Göteborg, Sweden

Course literature
Lecture notes that will be handed out during class. These notes are also available to download from this page.

Preliminary plan for lectures and classes
The course consists of seven lectures and 6 mandatory projects. The focus is on learning how to solve statistical problems with a selection of statistical software. Course programme can be found here: pdf-file
Weekly plan

 090901  1  Introduction, Robustness and distribution assumptions: pdf-file, data file for laboration 1 ibm.txt. The laboration is preferably carried out in MATLAB.
 090903  1  Project work
 090907  1  Project work
 090908  2  Decision theory: pdf-file, data file for laboration 2: stockdata.tsv. Stock prices are in order in this file, so you do not need to change the indexing. The laboration is preferably carried out in Mathematica.
 090910  2  Project work
 090914  2  Project work
 090915  3  Resampling methods: pdf-file, data files for laboration 3: boot1.dat, boot2.dat. The laboration is preferably carried out in R/S+.
 090917  3  Project work
 090921  3  Project work
 090922  4  The Monte Carlo method: pdf-fileThe laboration is carried out in MATLAB and C/C++.
 090924  4  Project work
 090928  4  Project work
 090929  5  Simulation of stochastic processes: pdf-file. Software optional.
 091001  5  Project work
 091005  5  Project work
 091006  6  Analytical manipulations in bioinformatics: pdf-file. The laboration is preferably carried out in Mathematica
 091008  6  Project work
 091012  6  Project work
 091013  7  More on simulation of random variables: pdf-fileThis non-mandatory lecture gives additional important facts about simulation of random variables. Note that there is no laboration on this lecture, and that it is up to each student to decide individually if he or she want to learn the subject matter covered by the lecture. The teachers of the course have the opinion that on the one hand, the material is very important for a statistician to know about.
 091015  1-7  Project work

Computer labs

The computer room MVF:25 is booked for our laborations Mondays and Thursdays 8.00-11.45 starting Thursday September 3rd. Sofia will visit the computer room then and then during these hours to answer questions.

Programming: Advice on Latex and programming is given here.


Examination is handled by means of 6 mandatory laborations, which are preferably carried out in pairs of 2 students. Individually written reports are to be handed in on the laborations, and examination is done based on the reports as follows: Each report is given a grade between 0 and 15 points. At Chalmers, a total score on the projects between 0-44 means failure, 45-59 gives grade 3, 60-74 gives grade 4 and 75-90 gives grade 5. At GU, 0-44 means failure, 45-67 gives grade G and 68-90 gives grade VG.

Written examination

For students with low attendance at lectures and laborations a short oral or written exam may be required just to check that the student has prepared his/her reports himself/herself. (This happens very seldom.) Albeit laborations are usually carried out in pairs, it is required that each student writes his/her own report. Otherwise it might again be necessary with a short oral exam.