Övrigt kursmaterial ALA-B 2005

Lecture 1.1
Lecture 1.2
Lecture 2.1
Lecture 2.2
Lecture 3.2
Lecture 4.1
Lecture 5.1
Reaction kinetics (ps).
Ordinary differential equations - summary (ps).
90. Linearization and Newton's method. (ps)
92. Analytical computation of integrals (ps).
93. Analytical solution of differential equations (ps).
94. Taylor's formula (ps).
95. Matlab summary (ps).
96. Determinant. Inverse matrix. (ps).
97. The exponential function with a complex variable. (ps)
Answers to AMBS problems  (ps).  Corrections.   Report corrections!  Corrections AMBS problems, ch 31Corrections AMBS problems, ch 32
David Heintz lösningar.
More integrals (by Fredrik B.) (ps)
More exercises on Ch 35 (by Fredrik B.) (ps)

Matematisk ordlista (ps).
Johan Hoffmans presentationsmanual.
Plus en massa datorstudioövningar, se veckoprogrammen och Computer sessions.

Läsanvisningar inför tentamen (ps).

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