• Aila Särkkä, Space-time growth-interaction processes with moving objects versus the force biased algorithm
  • Anastassia Baxevani, Gaussian spatial fields dynamically evolving in time
  • Claudia Lautensack, Anisotropy analysis of 3d point processes
  • Eric Renshaw, Spatial-Temporal Marked Point Processes : A Spectrum of Stochastic Models
  • Igor Rychlik, Uncertainty in fatigue life prediction of structures subject to random loads.
  • Jenny Jonasson, Likelihood estimation of diffusion coefficients from sequences of confocal microscope images
  • Jonas Ringsberg, Assessment of uncertanties in life prediction of fatique crack initiation in rails - influence of residual stresses from manufacturing
  • Jörg Wegener, Analysis of upper extremes in skewed records using a non-Gaussian second order model
  • Krzysztof Podgorski, A class of non-Gaussian second order random fields
  • Mao Wengang, Estimation of vessel's fatigue accumulation along its voyages
  • Ottmar Cronie, Estimation and edge correction in the Renshaw-Särkkä model
  • Pierre Ailliot, Hidden Markov models for precipitation
  • Sofia Åberg, The Laplace driven moving average - a non-Gaussian stationary process (joint work with Krys Podgorski and Igor Rychlik)
  • Thomas Svensson, Modeling unknown errors as random variables
  • Tommy Norberg, Added value in fault tree analyses

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