Workshops and Visitors Programmes

Autumn 05
Multivariate Systems with Independence Structures, Göteborg and Smögen, Sep 7-10, 2005
Summer 05
The Fourth International Conference on Extreme Value Analysis, Göteborg, Aug 15-19, 2005

Spring 05
Workshop on Branching Processes in Biology, Göteborg, May 22-26, 2005.
Summer 04
Workshop on Spatial Statistics, Image Analysis and Signal Processing within Biology and Technology, Smögen, August 16-20, 2004.
Spring 04
Workshop on Stochastic-geometric and combinatorial ideas in statistical mechanics, Göteborg, June 21-25, 2004
Autumn 03
Workshop on Mathematical Aspects of Systems Biology, Göteborg, November 13-15, 2003
Spring 03
Workshop on Probability, Trees, and Genetics at Chalmers, Göteborg, May 22-23, 2003
Spring 02
Workshop on Discrete Probability, Eindhoven. This workshop is organized jointly by EURANDOM and Stochastic Centre June 17-20, 2002. A limited number of travel grants are available for this workshop.
Workshop/concentrated research course on Complexity and Probability, 15-19 April, 2002.
Autumn 01
Semstat, workshop in Extreme Value Theory and Applications, Göteborg, Dec 10-15, 2001.
Lecture series and workshop on communication theory, Göteborg, Nov 13-15, 2001
Seminars on stochastics in applications, Nov 16, 2001
Symposium on Probability and Algorithms, Stockholm, August 22-23, 2001.
Autumn 00
Post discussion on August 14-25, 2000: Workshop on Fatigue Limit: Application of Stochastic Geometry and Extremes.
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Spring 00
Autumn 99
Multivariate Analysis for Use in Industry
Spring 99
Image Analysis and Spatial Statistics
Autumn 98
Extremes- Risk and Safety
Spring 98
Stochastic Methods in Fatigue and Structural Safety
Population Dynamics programme
Autumn 97
Percolation, Particle Systems and Ergodic Theory
Spring 97
Statistics for the Pharmaceutical Industry.