Workshop in Medical Statistics, Goteborg, 7 - 11 April 1997

The workshop was held at Matematiskt Centrum, Eklandagatan 86 in Göteborg, with two exceptions; tuesday morning at Astra Hässle in Mölndal, and thursday afternoon at the Nordic School of Public Health.

Social Activities

  • Tuesday evening:
    Reception at Gibraltar Herrgård.
  • Wednesday afternoon:
    Guided tour at the Art Museum. Exhibition of Bruno Liljefors, (charge ca. 60 Skr).
  • Thursday evening:
    Conference dinner at Reveljen, the restaurant at the Nordic School of Public Health, (charge ca. 200 Skr).
  • Programme


    Programme: at Matematiskt Centrum (Chairman: Mats Rudemo)
    11.00-13.00Registration outside Hörsalen, Matematiskt Centrum
    13.15-14.00Stephen Senn: The controversy over the AB/BA design. Abstract.
    14.15-15.00Stephen Senn: Modelling carryover for more complex designs. Abstract.
    15.30-16.10Discussion of the previous talks. Kasra Afsarinejad opens.
    16.15-17.00Anders Källen and Per Larsson:
    Dose-response studies: How do we make them conclusive? Including time for discussion. Abstract.


    Programme: at Astra Hässle, room Alpha (Chairman: Tomas Morsing)
    9.00-9.45 Nancy Geller: Multiple endpoints in clinical trials. Abstract.
    10.15-11.00Lars Frison: Surrogate endpoints in clinical trials - some statistical perspectives. Abstract.
    11.05-12.00Philip Hougaard: Analysis of overdispersed count data by mixtures of Poisson variables and Poisson processes. Including time for discussion. Abstract.
    12.00-13.00Lunch at Hässle
    Programme: at Matematiskt Centrum(Chairman: Sture Holm)
    14.20-15.00Anders Källen: Centre-by-treatment interaction: What is the issue? Including time for discussion. Abstract.
    15.30-16.10Elisabeth Svensson: Statistical analysis of change in ordered categorical classifications. Abstract.
    16.15-16.55Jan Lanke: How to analyse ordinal data in an ordinal fashion.Abstract.
    17.00-17.30Discussion of the previous talks. Georgina Bermann opens.
    19.00-Reception at Gibraltar Herrgård, Chalmers.


    Programme: at Matematiskt Centrum (Chairman: Peter Jagers)
    9.00-9.45Ulf Strömberg: A method for deciding early stopping of inconclusive case-control studies in settings where data are stratified. Abstract.
    10.10-10.40Discussion of the previous talk. Hans Wedel opens.
    10.40-11.25Sture Holm: Some recent developments in multiple inference.Abstract.
    11.30-12.15Juni Palmgren: Joint modelling of the disease process and the treatment allocation process in long term follow up studies. Abstract.
    13.30-14.00Postersession, and opportunity for group-discussions.
    14.00-14.45Mats Gyllenberg: Classification of bacteria by stochastic complexity. Abstract.
    15.15-16.00Jens Lund: Sampling in the Lexis Diagram. Abstract.
    17.30Guided tour at the Art Museum; exhibition of Bruno Liljefors.


    Programme: at Matematiskt Centrum(Chairman: Elisabeth Svensson)
    9.00-10.00 Susan Murphy: MLE in the proportional odds model. Including time for discussion. Abstract.
    10.00-10.25 Coffee
    10.25-11.05Susan Murphy: Profile likelihood inference for semiparametric models. Abstract.
    11.10-12.10Odd Aalen: Understanding the shape of the hazard rate: The use of quasi-stationary distributions in first-passage-time models. Abstract.
    Programme: at the Nordic School of Public Health (Chairman: Hans Wedel)
    14.10-14.55Niels Keiding: Multistate models and survival synthesis. Abstract.
    15.00-15.45Örnulf Borgan:
    Estimation of relative and absolute risk from nested case-control studies.Abstract.
    16.15-16.45Discussion of the previous talk. Anders Oden opens.
    16.50-17.30Marita Olsson: A parametric estimation procedure for relapse time distributions. Abstract.
    17.35-18.15Göran Broström: Cox regression with huge data sets. Abstract.
    19.00Conference dinner at Reveljen. (The restaurant at the Nordic School of Public Health)


    Programme: at Matematiskt Centrum (Chairman: Olle Nerman)
    9.00-10.00Tomas Morsing, Dietrich von Rosen and Rolf Sundberg:
    Disscussion of the consequences of the use of PLS-methods in preclinical and pharmaceutical research. Abstract.
    10.25-11.25Adam Taube: Pre-randomisation: Pros and cons. Including time for discussion. Abstract.
    11.30-12.15Aage Völund: Dose-response analysis with ordinal logistic models.
    13.15-14.00Simon Thompson: The use of multilevel models for repeated measurement data in clinical trials.Abstract.
    14.15-15.00Discussion: First topic is meta-analysis. (Further suggestions are welcome).

    Contact persons

  • Sture Holm
  • Olle Nerman
  • Mats Rudemo

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