Analysis and Linear Algebra K, Kf, Bt, part A, 2004

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TMV035, 5.0 points

All info and course materials (except literature) can be found from this web page.

Lectures and examination:
Stig Larsson
tel: 772 3543
stig (at)
Matematiskt Centrum, Eklandagatan 86.

Studio Bt/Kf:
1. Christoffer Thomée, kf01thch (at)
2. August Johansson, f98aujo (at)
1-2. David Heintz, kb00heda (at)

Studio K:
1. Johan Jansson
2. Jan Södersten
1-2. Christoffer Thomée, kf01thch (at)

Group mentors:
Ka: Erik Broman
Kb: Christoffer Cromvik
Kc: Axel Målqvist
Kf: Karin Kraft
Bta: Georgious Foufas
Btb: Erik Svensson

The Body and Soul project

K. Eriksson, D. Estep, och C. Johnson, Applied Mathematics - Body and Soul, Springer 2003, (AMBS) (Cremona, 800 kr for 3 volumes).
D. C. Kuncicky, Matlab Programming, Prentice Hall 2004 (Cremona, 235 kr).

MATLAB is available on the computers at Chalmers. You can buy a student licence for your own pc for $99.00. The free software GNU Octave is a good substitute for Matlab. It can be found on the Chalmers start-CD or down-loaded from the web. It is strongly recommended that you install this on your pc (if you have one)!

Project f(x)=0: The project is not included this year 2004!!

Grades 5 (good), 4 (fair), 3 (acceptable), U (failed), based on written exam. Exams: 2004-10-20 f V, 2005-01-13 e V, 2005-08-??

Latest exam:
2004-10-20 with solutions (postscript) (Korrigerad 041020, kl 16.45)

Old exams:
exam 99, exam 00, exam 01, exam 01x.
answers to exam 99, answers to exam 00, answers to exam 01, answers to exam 01x.
A "student made" exam with answers.
exam 02, answers to exam 02.

exam 03, answers to exam 03.

Answers to AMBS problems  (postscript). 
Schema. Matematikkurser K-Kf-Bt. Kemikursen.
A reformed mathematics education at Chalmers, uppsats presenterad vid Högskoleverkets kvalitetskonferens, 2001.
Integration av matematik, kemi, kemiteknik
Integration av matematik, kemi, kemiteknik Matematisk ordlista(ps).   Math notation (T. Gebäck)