This is a Masters/PhD course that I am offering in the Winter semester 2018-2019 at WWU Münster. It takes place on Wednesdays at 14 c.t. in room N2. Every second week, starting on November 8th, there is an exercise session which takes place on Thursdays at 14 c.t., also in room N2.

Lecture Notes:

I am writing lecture notes as I prepare the lectures, and the current version can be found here (last update: 4.4.2019). They are incomplete and probably contain many typos, so they are by no means a good substitute for class notes (rather a complement to them).

Exercise sheets:

The sheets are handed out on the Wednesday of the week where no exercise session takes place (starting on October 31st) and are due two weeks later.


  • [BO] N.P. Brown and N. Ozawa. C*-algebras and finite-dimensional approximation. Graduate Studies in Mathematics 88, AMS.
  • [Phi] N. C. Phillips. An introduction to crossed product C*-algebras and minimal dynamics. Lecture notes. Available here.
  • [Wil] D. Williams. Crossed products of C*-algebras. Mathematical Surveys and Monographs, 134. American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 2007.
  • In the Winter semester 2017-2018, Prof. Echterhoff and I offered a Seminar on Group Actions, whose topics are closely related.