Torbjörn Lundh
                        Biträdande professor in mathematics at Department of Mathematical Sciences, Chalmers University of Technology and University of Gothenburg.
Chalmers, University of Gothenburg in Göteborg in Sweden. Here is my official home-page.
Office phone: +46 31 772 3503, Fax: +46 31 161973,
                    embryoOffice: L2040, e-mail: torbjorn.lundh@
Address: Department of Mathematics, map
Chalmers (map), SE-412 96 Göteborg, Sweden
 (Previously post. doc. in Stony Brook, NY)

Ordförande för:
Chairman of Svenska nationalkommittén för matematik
The Chalmers-GU-common plattform: Mathematical Biology

Urdar - artificial ecology

Selected publications


    Talks etc:
    • Vetenskapsfestivalen, 6 maj
    • Utbildningsdagar, SMS-SKM-NCM-mattebron, 28-29 april
    • Nationell samling kring lärarutbildningen i matematik, NCM, Wallenbergsalen10 mars
    • Nätverksträff för organisationer/motsv som verkar nationellt för
      matematikens och matematikundervisningens utveckling, 20 jan.



Some samples on the web:

The Emergence of Overlapping Scale-free Genetic Architecture in Digital Organisms (with P. Gerlee)

Which ball is the roundest? - a suggested tournament stability index
(In Journal of Quantiative Sports Analysis: in this form. Here are two radio interviews for the Swedish radio on the subject. P1, P4.) Do you want to try your own tournament? Go to this page.

The Genetic Coding Style of Digital Organisms
(with P. Gerlee)


      War of attrition with implicit time cost (with A. Eriksson and K. Lindgren)

Minimally thin sets below a function graph


The 3G inequality for a uniformly John domain (with H. Aikawa)


Geodesics on quoteint-manifolds and their corresponding limit points

Martin Boundary for Unions of Convex Sets (with H. Aikawa, K. Hirata)

 Martin boundary of a fractal domain (with H. Aikawa, T. Mizutani)

Percolation  Diffusion

In Search for an Evolutionary Coding Style,

Discrete Groups and Thin Sets,

On Boundary Layers
(with H. Aikawa).

Some mathematical keywords: Discrete groups, Fuchsian groups, Kleinian groups, Poincare series, horocycle, minimal thinness, reduced functions, harmonic measure, boundary layer, NTA domain, discrete potential, Martin kernel, conditioned random walk, asymptotic capacity, IFS, John domain, uniform domain, inner domain, uniform John domain,  3G inequality, multiple Martin boundary points, chordal graphs, boundary harnack principle.

1991 Mathematics Subject Classification: Primary: 30C85, 31A15, 31B05, 31B15, 31C20, 31C35, 31C40, 60J65; Secondary 30F40, 30F45, 20H10, 30F35; Thirdly 60J45, 60J05, 60J10, 60J15. 

Biology keywords: Artificial life, Avida, Amoeba, Xenopus , morphogenesis, embryology, pattern formation, L-systems, BZ-reactions, Turing's reaction-diffusion, limb formation. War of attrition, waiting game, masculinization, cytosceleton, wound healing.

Previous teaching:

  • Graduate course: Morphometrics

  • Grad. course: Random Walks and its Discrete Potential Theory counterpart, Sept.-Oct. 2007.
    Potential Theory, 3rd quarter, 2007.
    Quasiconformal mappings, 2006
    Morphomatics, spring 2006
    TMA285 -Financial derivatives and stochastic analysis, fall 2005

    MAN100 Matematik med tillämpningar
    TMS060 - Matematisk statistik M
    TMA285 - Finansiella derivat och stokastisk analys
    LAU150 (tvär- kommunikation)
    Dynamical Systems
    Computational Biology A
  • Morphomatics,MVE075 (Chalmers), MAN560 (GU), 4th quarter, 2008.
  • (as above part of Complex Adaptive Systems)
    "Från signal till information",
    linjär algebra för NP programmet,
    Matematik K1 Del D.
    Fördjupningskurs för lärare MAL600.


    Some old music:
     See also Nova Cantica, Karlstad Kammarkör, diffraktionsBandet, Östgöta Nationskapell, Phontrattarne,
    Matandarnas transgalaktiska hiphopkapell,
    , Uppsala Storband: Hey Taxi; The Cyples:, Never Stop (live at Värmlands nation Uppsala, fall 1993). Mats Palats: Dr Nut, Killing Stony Brook Jazzensamble, Da Möbius Band.

    February  2006
    Torbjörn Lundh, Matematiska Vetenskaper, Chalmers och GU

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